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The Dragonfly Door
The Dragonfly Door by John Adams
AUD 6.45
The Dragonfly Door
John Adams
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Downloads : 9366
File Size : 15.29 M
Publisher : Feather Rock Books Inc
Imprint : Feather Rock Books Inc
ISBN : 9781934066140
The Dragonfly Door explores the transformation of a water nymph into a beautiful dragonfly. Follow two insects, Lea and Nym, and the struggles Nym endures when her friend disappears from their underwater home. This is a tender story about friendship, loss, and change, written to help parents express their views about life and death. Children may identify with Nym, who grieves the loss of her friend, and find it easier to express their unique feelings about a loss after hearing the story. Through a vision or dream, Nym learns that Lea has transformed into a beautiful dragonfly above the marsh. Someday, Nym will see her friend again in this new world. Parents and grandparents often interpret this as a metaphor for heaven or as an analogy to life after death. The book, which includes the real lifecycle of the dragonfly, may serve many purposes, such as comforting a grieving child or providing facts about dragonflies. Beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist Barbara L. Gibson, it is cherished by parents, grandparents, and teachers. The following reviews are from the book’s bound edition: “The Dragonfly Door is both informational and spiritual.... The core story is a message of healing for children coping with the loss of a loved one. Reaching out to children using the science of nature to address a sensitive and difficult topic, The Dragonfly Door is an invaluable tool for communication during a sensitive period.” --Armchair Interviews "[The Dragonfly Door] is a somewhat sad but truly hopeful story that I rate as excellent." --W. Walker, Stories for Children Magazine "The warm, emotional colors…illustrate this highly recommended picturebook for sharing the bittersweet realities of life with young people." --The Midwest Book Review 
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